Acting competition
(Rules of the competition)


     1. The competition is for amateurs only. Anyone who has been awarded more than two Academy Awards will be officially disqualified!

     2. The performance has to be about 5 minutes (maximum 10).

     3. The number of performances in the competition is limited (maximum of six). So you'll need to pre-register with Georgi Grozev. If necessary, he will hold an audition to select the performances for the competition.

     4. Winners will be selected on the basis of the Likes given by the audience. Everbodby could give Likes, but eventually only the Likes of club numbers will be counted. You can now give your Likes! You can give Likes before the performance, during the performance and after the performance. Voting will close at 11pm on September 29 and the winners will be given their prizes.

     5. The audience can change their Likes whenever they want and as they want (until the voting ends).

      See the standings and give your likes to your favorite performances now!