Thursday (September 29, 2016)
This is our first club meeting at the Bar-Mar!

 19:00 – Start.
 19:30 – DJ MIX party (rock, pop, dance).
 20:00 – We will hold an acting competition for non-professionals.
     Read the competition rules and sign up to participate.
 21:00 – We’ll run a raffle and give away some small gifts.
 21:30 – As tradition dictates, we will eat one eclair cake from the Laguna Pastry Shop.
 22:00 – The DJ party continues!
 22:30Dimiter Bakalov will invite you to the premiere of Sexy Laundry (October 15 at the Salza i Smyah Theatre). Performed by Albena Koleva and Dimiter Bakalov. Buy a ticket!
 23:30 – We will announce the end of the voting for the acting competition and will award the winners.
 24:00 – End of the party.

 Entrance: To enter the club you have to register and get a club number. See how it works. If you do not want to register you can go in as an anonymous guest but you will be charged BGN 7 for entrance. It is better to register because anonymous guests pay entrance fee and pay more when they get something from the bar.

     If a club member uses their inviting time to invite you as a guest, you enter free of charge even if you are not registered.

 Menu: See the menu offered at the bar.

 Fee: At the beginning it will be 0.15 euro/hour. In prime time (from 9 pm till noon) it will be 0.25 euro/hour. Then it will be 0.10 euro/hour.

  This fee is minimal, almost symbolical. Beside that, probably you will not pay entire fee because on these cents there are discounts. (Read (Прочетете the concept of the club.)

 Cigarettes: Smokers have a cozy place in front of the Independent Theatre, where you can smoke and enjoy the tranquility of a quiet street in Sofia, while non-smokers have clean air since the smoking ban is strictly adhered to.

 Carpool: Since public transport does not run at night, and parking is tight, we ask our guests to share rides. You can share a taxi or if you have a car pick up someone who is in your direction. To help you organize your carpool, we will create a special tool to tell your direction and the approximate time you are leaving. This makes it easier to find people going your direction and you will not need to ask around ‘Which direction are you going? Did you come by car?’

  Never drink and drive! Better share your journey and find someone sober to drive you home.


See the playbill for the first six meetings of the Club.