Your first visit to the Club


     You must register and get your club number.

     Registration. The easiest way is with your Facebook account. You need only one click on the button "Log In With Facebook". – just . You can also register with your email but you need to fill out a form.

     Club number. To get your club number, you must deposit at least BGN 10 to your e-wallet. You can do this remotely here or by coming to the Club in person. Once you deposit money to your e-wallet you will get a club number. With this number you can pay at the bar. All you have to do is give the bartender your club number and he will charge your e-wallet.

     You can check-in and check-out from the Club and even use the self-buy service when you take a beer from the fridge.

      If you do not spend the BGN 10 at your first visit, it will remain for your next visit and for eventual payment of the fee to stay (if you have not collected enough Likes and you have to pay instead).

     If a club member uses their inviting time to invite you as a guest, you will not be required to deposit BGN 10 to your e-wallet. We will give you a club number, even if your e-wallet is empty because, supposedly, whoever invited you will buy you a drink and you do not need money in your wallet.