Club “Everybody Knows Your Name”

  Video surveillance

Yes, in our club there is video surveillance. The main reasoning behind that is that we want our guests to be calm, comfortable and not to look around all the time being afraid that someone will steal something from them. In the other clubs it is very annoying. There, when you decide to just go to the restroom, you have to ask your neighbor to take a look at your stuff, so that nothing happens. Even if there is video surveillance in other clubs, still thefts occur. Then you can see on the video recording how a stranger can pick your pockets. That can't really help you a great deal, as you don't know that stranger and there is no way to find him. With us it is different. Here everybody is famous. Everybody who is inside the club has registered at the entrance and it is not very hard to figure out who is the person caught on camera.

Another problem is that when you get something from the bar, the bartender can make a mistake and charge another person instead of you. Then if that other person takes care to look through his check and say “I haven't ordered that!” Then we can look through the video tape and fix the problem.


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