Rules for storing your personal information
What information do we collect about you and who can see this information?

     We collect your personal information (such as name, gender, photo) and statistics of your visits to the club and orders placed at the bar.

     Your personal information is the information you provide to us when you register. This is:
Your name
Your nickname (or your pet name)
Your gender (male or female)
Your Facebook profile – if you gave us this information
Your photo – the photo uploaded by you, which you can change whenever you want.
Your small photo – the photo with size 100x100 that we cut from a photo that you uploaded yourself or from a photo that we took on the spot at the club when you first came and registered you on the spot (when you did not register yourself from home).

     This information is included in your account, which we create for you at the “Everybody Knows Your Name” Club. By default, this information is available to everyone, but you can change this in the settings and restrict access. However, this information will be available to anyone you may have met at the club in the last two weeks (i.e. anyone who has been to the club on the same day with you, even if they have not been at the same time).

     By default, your small photo is not accessible to everyone, unless it is cropped from your publicly available photo. If we took a picture of you on the spot, then your small picture is only available to the people who are with you in the club and with whom you may have met in the last two weeks. In the settings you can change this and make your photos more accessible or inaccessible.

     Other personal information is your email address and your password. This information will only be used to enable you to register and log in to your “Everybody Knows Your Name” Club account.

     We will use the e-mail address in cases when you have forgotten your password and ask us to send it to you. We will send letters for the next meeting of the club, but this will only be for people who have come at least once and it will be possible to turn off this messaging.

The statistics of your visits to the club and the orders made at the bar.

     This is information that is only visible to you. Officials such as a pass and a bartender also have access to this information, but they can only view it when they have to solve a case such as an incorrectly marked drink or an incorrectly marked visit.

     In the event that the competent authorities, such as the court and the police, ask us to disclose your personal information, we will do so as required by law.