Club “Everybody Knows Your Name”

  Our system with voting

It is very important that you can vote for other guests in the club. This way every member of the club can calculate their personal rating. The people who are cool and don't bother the hicks will have a higher rating, and those with the highest rating get part of their weekly bill for free. The members with the lowest rating, not only will not get discount, but also will lose their status as club members. It is not the same whether you are a member of the club, or simply a guest, because the members get into the club the same way they get into their own home. They just say a “Hello!” to the person at the door and get in, the ordinary guests should have a recommendation from a club-member, who will guarantee for them or they should wait in the front lobby for the Hostess to come out and let them in.

It is not the same who will vote for you either, because the different guests have different strength of voice. The weight of their vote is measured by how much they have spent. So if you are an old club member and you have spent good money on the bar, your vote will be counted for more. Then you can designate who is cool and who is not. In short – those who pay, order the music.

This voting system will let the cool people come to our club, even if they don't have great financial abilities. On the other side, people with a better material status will leave more money in the club and they will have a vote that counts for more, but just because of this they will get greater responsibilities.

By voting for the other guests you can give props to the cool people and make their stay at the club almost free. You can also punish the nasty guys, as you make their stay very expensive and this way you can banish them from the club.


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