Club “Everybody Knows Your Name”

  What can you do?

First we have to say what you can't do. There is no smoking in the club. Whoever needs to smoke, goes outside under the sky and smokes there. Even more banned than smoking is listening to pop-folk (chalga). Whoever wants to listen to that kind of music should just look for another club. Another restriction comes from the circumstance that the members can bring their kids. So everything that is not appropriate to do when children are present is forbidden.

The main entertainment focus in our club is the communication with interesting people. People come to us not because of the food, not because of the music, neither because of the silly board games such as domino. The main reason for visiting us is the social contact. Don't mix that social contact with the sexual contact. Our club is a public place, where little children are present, which is why this is not the place for sexual contacts.

One main and substantial difference between our club and the rest is that in our club there is a lot of dancing and you can dance anytime anywhere. In the other club dancing is not that big of part, there one can dance a little, and only after midnight. The main reason for this difference is the payment method. In the other clubs, in order to get your money they have to keep you at your table and to make you drink and consume more. We take your money even without any consumption and that is why we don't have to keep you chained to a table and make you pour alcohol down your throat. In the other clubs there is a professional DJ, who has a task to make sure nobody dances before midnight. After midnight you can dance a little and then they will make you again sit down and drink more. We don't have DJ and the club members play the music they want. That is why in our club you dance whenever you feel like it.


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